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Honest Advice to Young Leaders on Your Dream Job

2) Deliver solutions.

Anyone can identify a problem. Good leaders solve problems. Great leaders solve problems before they happen. Serve your boss well, offer more than one solution for any given problem.

3) Be a “show up early” and “stay late” kind of person.

You don’t have to mess up your personal life to be a go-getter! It only takes a little difference to stand out from the pack.

4) Express genuine joy and gratitude in serving others.

Someone chose you for the job you have. Serve with a glad heart and express gratitude.

5) Discover, develop and delight in your true gifts.

This takes time. Experiment. Practice. Improve. Don’t be in a hurry. Work hard, work smart.

6) Do your current job well before dreaming about the next one.

In order to do only what you are good at, first you must be good at something. Really good, and for a long time. Don’t just change jobs, build something.