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59 Things NOT to Say to a Preacher

Final Things Not to Say to a Preacher

50.  “Some of us don’t think your wife ought to hold an outside job. You need her help pastoring everyone.”

51. “You’re retired military, so you have a pension. That’s why we didn’t give you a raise.”

52. “You preachers say God leads you from church to church. But I’ve noticed it’s always for more money.”

53. “I’m not being fed.”

54. “Would you tell the music director to sing some of the hymns I like?”

55. “It’s not me personally, but some are complaining about …”

56. “I know you’re having a financial struggle, Pastor, but it’s not our fault you have so many children.”

57. “Well, that’s not how things work in the real world.”

58. “I called you at home tonight, Pastor, because I didn’t want to bother you at the office.”

59. “You’re fired.”

(Permission is given to anyone and everyone to quote from this, in part or in total. Thanks to a host of friends for helping with it.)

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