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4 Needed Principles for an Election Year

(2) The spirituality of a declining nation can be reclaimed. 

It’s rare and it’s difficult, but spiritual revival can occur without a national disaster. It happened to the nation of Judah under Josiah. It happened to the city of Ninevah after Jonah’s warning. It happened in America in the past Great Awakenings. It can happen again—but it needs to happen soon.

(3) Spiritual renewal demands dramatic measures. 

Josiah took drastic steps that disturbed a lot of people. He removed pagan shrines that were the source of pleasure for many. He eliminated false prophets, who had many friends and relatives. He established the Scriptures as the basis of morality, which many undoubtedly resented. Spiritual surgery hurts.

(4) If real change is to occur, the leadership will most likely come from young people. 

Josiah was a young man when he led Judah back to God. If spiritual renewal comes, the leadership will probably come from young men and women who still have high ideals and courage. Many older Christians are appalled at today’s moral decadence, but some have given up and others lack the energy to prompt much of a following. Older leaders are easily dismissed as “out of touch.”

Men who understood

First Chronicles 12:32 describes the men of Issachar as men “who understood the times and knew what Israel should do.” Let’s pray that God will raise up young, godly, courageous leaders—inside and outside the political arena. Leaders who understand the critical times in which we live. And who are willing again to pledge their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to reclaim the values that once blessed America.  

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