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Preparation for Hearing the Word of God Preached

1. Consciously cultivate fresh awareness that I will be confronted with the very words of the living God. (Matt. 4:4, 2 Tim 3:16, Isa. 66:2, Heb. 12:25, 1 Thes. 2:13)

2. Consciously repudiate by fresh repentance all that would hinder my joyful reception and effective assimilation of the Word of God. (1 Peter 2:1, James 1:21a, Jer. 4:3) Note: In the parable of the sower, it was the state of the soil (the heart) that determined the fate of the seed.

3. Consciously cultivate a meek and eager disposition of heart toward the Word that I will hear. (James 1:21b, Ps. 25:8-9, 1 Peter 2:2, Ps. 119:20 & 131, Acts 17:11, Prov. 27:7)

4. Consciously cultivate a disposition of dependence upon the Holy Spirit for His ministry as I anticipate the ministry of the Word. (Luke 24:45, John 14:26, Phil. 1:17, Ps. 119:18, Prov. 2:3-6, Jer. 17:5-9)

O God, believing that it is Your own living Word that I am about to hear, I repent of all that would hinder my hearing and receiving Your Word. I ask You to give me a meek and eager heart to receive Your Word and that the Holy Spirit will enable me to understand its truth.  

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Dr. David Murray is Professor of Old Testament and Practical Theology at Puritan Reformed Seminary. He is also Pastor of Grand Rapids Free Reformed Church. David is the author of Christians get depressed too, How Sermons Work, and Jesus on Every Page. You can read his blog at HeadHeartHand.org/blog or follow him on Twitter @davidpmurray. David is married to Shona and they have five children ranging from 4 months to 17 years old, and they love camping, fishing, boating, and skiing in the Lake Michigan area.