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Can Christians Get Tattoos?

While I do believe that any tattoo obtained to worship something other than God is sinful, I also believe that 95 percent of the tattoos we see in today’s culture are not due to idol worship, but instead creative expression or artistic value. It’s not the actual tattoo or marking that is sinful, but the motives in which each tattoo or marking is obtained. Who are you worshipping?

Don’t get me wrong. Tattoos are not for everyone! My only hope is that you realize the motives of your heart mean more to God than the ink on your skin. I don’t see anything biblically wrong with Christians having tattoos, but then again, this is just my interpretation. And for all you kids still living under the roof of your parents, whether or not you get a tattoo is up to them, not you.

Your body is still a temple, and to treat your body with disrespect is to treat God in the same manner. Whether you are debating getting your first tattoo or your 50th, I pray you will seek God for wisdom and guidance, and evaluate the motives of your heart.

We may not all reach the same conclusion, but that doesn’t mean we are not all loved by the same God.