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How Weekend Church Services Will Change in the Future

Want More?

This is a huge topic very much in transition as we speak.

For those of you who want to dig deeper, in addition to the original blog and podcast series, here are some interviews from my Leadership Podcast I’ve done with church leaders on the changing nature of church.

Rich Birch on Whether Contemporary Churches Are Losing Their Edge

In Episode 8 of my podcast, Rich Birch and I talk about whether contemporary churches are losing their edge.

The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast

Geoff Surratt on Churches That Are Reaching Millennials

In Episode 40, Geoff Surratt and I talk about reaching Millennials and look at specific churches that are doing a great job.

The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast

John Stickl on Leading a Church as a Millennial Leader

John Stickl took over a megachurch at age 29, and a few years later is reaching thousands more, many of whom are Millennials. In this interview, he shares their vision and strategy.

The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast

Josh Gagnon on Adapting Church to Culture in New England

Josh Gagnon is another Millennial megachurch leader who talks about how to make church work in New England and on using tradition and reaching unchurched people.

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What Do You Think?

I think healthy dialogue always makes the conversation and the future better. I’d love to know what you think will characterize the future church.

Please know I also write this post as one committed to the future of the local, organized church. I realize there are many who are ‘done’ with church (I wrote a response to people who are done with church here).

I’m not sure how helpful it would be to use the comments to list how awful the church you used to go to is. So please don’t rail against the church leaders who are doing their best to lead a local church or even the people you know who aren’t doing their best or are poor leaders. We have enough of that online as it is.

But for those who want to make the local church better, or want to imagine a church they and their friends would attend, what would you add to this post?  

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