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How to Talk to Your Pastor on His Way to the Service

2. “We love your family, pastor.” Assuming you love him also, these words may be even more important to the pastor than #1 above. A man who trusts that his congregation loves his family will look forward to worshiping with that congregation.

3. “We’re praying for you.” When those words are more than just words Christians are supposed to say, they mean the world to a pastor. He needs to know his congregation is interceding for him.

4. “We’re looking forward to the Word today.” When a pastor knows his listeners have come with interested and waiting ears, his excitement over preaching the Word soars. Let him know.

5. “Thanks for being a man of God.” Integrity matters, and we too seldom thank those who model it before us. As a pastor, I would hear these words as both an encouragement and a challenge to fight to stay faithful and holy.

6. “I want to contact you this week to see how I can best help you.” You don’t need to get into the details in this conversation. Keep it short, and be committed to your word. Your pastor may need to know he’s not alone in his work.

What would you add to this list?   

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