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Every Pastor Needs a Coach

Sometimes pastors get in a rut. They need to get unstuck, to be refreshed regularly, to build their confidence and expand their vision for the future so that they can fulfill their God-given dreams for ministry.

A ministry coach helps to see greatness in a pastor, to bring out the best in that pastor and to unlock their potential as a leader. In short, they believe in the pastor. Every pastor needs someone to believe in them.

Pastors need an encourager in the midst of discouragement, a “cheerleader” to believe that they can succeed instead of fail and a partner to walk beside them closer than a brother. Pastors need a human conduit of support, encouragement and accountability.

They need a “Barnabas” (Acts 4:36) to believe in them, like Barnabas did for Paul (9:27; 13:2) as well as John Mark (Acts 15:39). The word encourager in the Greek is the same word used to describe the Holy Spirit in John 14:26.

But pastors need more than encouragement. They need a second set of eyes to make sense of obstacles and to see God’s perspective on issues. They need an experienced person to ask thought-provoking questions that force the pastor to think through the issues and to clarify what God is showing the pastor.

A trained ministry coach strongly believes that the Holy Spirit will enlighten you during the coaching conversation. A coach is not there to give advice as much as to lead you in a process of self-discovery, insight and illumination through the Holy Spirit.

Then as insight uncovers dreams, and dreams shape into vision, a good ministry coach will help you put together your strategic plan of action. This is where an experienced coach can help you become aware of possible “landmines” and take calculated risks (which are really faith in action as inspired by God).

Could you benefit from a ministry coach? A coach will help you:

• Grow faster

• Perform at a higher level

• Understand yourself more deeply

• Live with greater purpose and fulfillment

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Lang Montgomery served for 25 years as pastor in various size churches. He coaches pastors and ministry leaders through www.ministryleadershipcoaching.com. He also preaches, teaches and provides leadership development for churches and businesses