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Impediments to a Gospel-Centered Life

4. An Under-Applied Gospel

So often we think and talk about how the gospel impacts our personal relationship with Jesus. But, don’t forget that the implications or specific applications of the gospel are to occur in the context of the church. We can’t truly love the gospel if we don’t love to apply it. And we cannot apply it if we are not involved in the life of a local church. Is your gospel-centeredness simply about you and Jesus? I believe God has more in mind for you than this (it is not less than this, but it is more!). Read through the epistles and track how the gospel works itself out in community.

5. A Compromised Gospel

Part of being calibrated by the gospel involves defending it (Phil. 1:27-30). There is a need to strive together and defend the truth of the gospel. It is precious and always under attack. If the gospel has been compromised then it is not the gospel. We cannot add to it or take away from it; it is a perfect work of redemptive art. We simply gaze upon it and guard it with the tenacity of love.

If the gospel is not thriving in your life or in your church, perhaps it may be helpful to consider how it is being handled. Is it believed? Is it underestimated? Is it eclipsed? Is it under-applied? Is it compromised? There are many subtle and crafty ways that the enemy works to take our eyes off of the ball. Paul was concerned that the Corinthians might fall for the head-fake and be drawn away from the purity and simplicity of the gospel. This is a good warning to us to likewise be on guard, ensuring that we are holding fast to the word of life (Phil. 2:16).