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You Can’t Keep Anyone at Your Church

3) Build a sense of forward motion.

This element of leadership is vital. The thing that closes the front door faster than anything else is a sense of sameness. It is doing the same thing week after week and not going anywhere. A church can experience warm friendship and caring people, but still not experience forward motion.

Taking new territory is essential for a healthy, inviting and attractive church.

• What is your mission?

• What is your vision?

• Is there life change?

• What impacts do you want to make in the community and globally?

• If you are making a difference, how do you know?

4) Cultivate a spirit of fun!

When I talk with pastors, their staff and volunteer church leaders, they all know what fun is and love to have fun. But then admit their church isn’t much fun. I want to encourage you to allow yourself and your church to enjoy the experience of pursuing God! At 12Stone we remind ourselves not to take ourselves too seriously (and we don’t), but we take God very seriously.

When pastors ask, “How do you make church fun?” I respond by saying, “The same way you make anything else in life fun!” It’s OK to plan, yes, even program in fun moments. Just like you would for a family birthday or vacation. That’s not fake, it allows people to breath during the service, which helps them better absorb the deeper truths you want to communicate.

A joyful church begins in the parking lot; your parking lot attendants need to smile! Your ushers and greeters, coffee servers, nursery team etc. need to genuinely enjoy the experience and others will catch the spirit! If it’s not fun, fix it.

My challenge and encouragement to you is to lead your church with clear vision, love the people and inspire them. Invest your energy into building them up, teach biblical truth and make your church environment fun!  If you do this, they are much more likely to stay because they want to!