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10 Random Things to Know About Pastors—or at Least This One

Sunday is not the only day I work. Honestly! And preaching is not all I do. I actually work six long days a week, and even when I’m off or out of town, I’m often working. But Sunday does come around quickly.

Your story probably won’t surprise me. I am never callous toward it, but I’ve probably heard similar or worse. And I’m still going to love you.

To my family I’m usually not a pastor—just a husband and dad. And I like that. I even like to be “just a friend” sometimes.

If you tell me something on Sunday morning—you probably should back it up with an email to remind me. My mind is distracted and I will forget. And if it can wait until Monday—even better.

I can relate to you better than you think. I like to have a good time. Some would say I’m funny. I even know how to laugh. I don’t even have to be quoting Scripture to do so. We have struggles in our life too. Lots of them. And the more you see me as a regular person, the more I can relate to the struggles you face and your friends who are afraid to come to church—partly because they think I’m not.

Pastors, any other random thoughts you would like to share?