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Your Fear Is Lying to You

What would you have done a long time ago if you knew your fear was lying? 

Me? I would have written my first book years ago.

For years I danced around the idea of writing a book because I was afraid that someone would hate my work. I was afraid that someone would leave me a 1-star review on Amazon and I would never be able to shake their criticism.

Well, long story short, about 12 months ago I wrote and published a Christmas e-book, and thanks to many of you, I got a lot of great instant feedback but you know what, it didn’t matter.

It didn’t matter that I got tons and tons of great 5-star reviews, I still felt incredibly anxious as the days passed because every day seemed like a moment closer to the inevitable 1-star review that would derail all my writing ambitions.

And you know what? It never came. The 1-star review never came because Jesus loves me.

Just kidding. It did come. And guess what happened?

Guess what happened after I read my first 1-star review?



No joke.

I laughed out loud when I read it because I realized my fear had been lying to me.

For years my fear lied and told me that I would be devastated when I found out someone wasn’t a fan of my writing. It told me that one bad response would invalidate all the good. It told me I was better off not risking. Fear told me the ‘1-star review’ would define me, but it was wrong.

The “1-star review” didn’t define me. If anything it motivated me to write more because I realized that the worst case scenario that I envisioned in my head was just in my head. And believe it or not, I’m actually thankful for the lady who didn’t like my book.

I’m thankful for the one bad review because it reminded me that no review (good or bad) could change the things that are true about me.

I’m loved by Jesus.
I’m called by Jesus.
Jesus has an amazing plan for my life.

I don’t know what your version of the “1-star review” is. I’m not sure what fear is whispering in your ears. All I know is, it’s lying. Your fear is lying to you. You won’t be defined by failure and nothing will ever change the fact that you are loved by Jesus and called by him to play a unique part in his story.

So bring it on fear. Take your best shot. We’re calling your bluff. We hear your threats and are going for it anyway.

Because we are loved by Jesus.
Because we are called by Jesus.
Because Jesus has an amazing plan for our lives.

Because we know how this movie ends and, spoiler alert: WE WIN.

So, be honest, what is your version of the “1-star review”? What’s something you’ve been putting off because you’re afraid? Also, tell us about a time when you did something in spite of your fear.   

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Sammy grew up in Nigeria. He is currently the Young Adult Pastor at North Point Church. He's also a national speaker for The Mocha Club. He lives in Ohio with his wife Ashley, daughter Bebe and saint bernards MJ and Milo.