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Why I Would Absolutely Vote for a Non-Christian for President

Imagine this scenario with me …

You are a parent and your child has to have surgery by the end of the day that is a life and death situation.

There are two options for a surgeon …

Option #1 is a Christian—he is a good guy, reads his Bible every day, prays, attends church and is involved in a Bible study. He is also a really good surgeon and has about a 75 percent success rate.

Option #2 is not a Christian—he’s been divorced a couple of times, cusses a lot, drinks more than he should and runs around with a rowdy crowd, but he’s the best in the business when it comes to surgery and has a 100 percent success ratio when it comes to this particular surgery.

If you are a parent … which one do you pick?

(PLEASE … for those claiming you would pick option 1 … you most likely don’t have kids!! If Charisse’s life was on the line, I would absolutely pick option #2; option #1 could stand outside and pray and read his Bible during the surgery, but … when it comes to life and death I’m looking for the best.)

The same is true when it comes to the President of the United States…

I’m not necessarily looking for the person who SAYS they are a Christian (c’mon, if you have to TELL the world you follow Jesus … then are you REALLY following Jesus?)

I’m not looking for the person who knows the most Bible verses.

I’m not looking for the person who “caters to the evangelical vote!”

I’m looking for THE BEST LEADER—period.

And … if you really do believe in the Sovereignty of God, then you know that God does not NEED a “Christian in the White House” to change the world.

He has a pretty good track record using pagans …