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Why I Would Absolutely Vote for a Non-Christian for President

For instance, didn’t he use Cyrus (Ezra 1:1) to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem?

Didn’t he use Artaxerxes to rebuild the wall in Nehemiah?

History completely acknowledges that God USED Herod (probably one of THE most vile leaders ever) to build things such as THE FIRST seaport of its kind in Caesarea Maritime … which would later be the place used to LAUNCH the Gospel to the world!

There are way too many alarmists out there who are screaming if we do not get an evangelical, Bible study attending, Sunday school loving, die hard fundamentalist in office, then our country is doomed.

However, I believe in the Sovereignty of God enough to know that He can use anyone at any time for any purpose—and God does not NEED the President to ensure His place in the universe is sustained!

Before you get completely angry at me—please understand, I’m all for a believer in Jesus to be in office—I believe in James 1:5 wisdom and know that God can make up the difference between what a person knows and what they don’t know in less than a second …

But, I am NOT going to join the camp that judges another person based on their voting record.

Show me the candidate that has conviction, that knows how to make a decision, that leads with passion and conviction and not through polls and convenience … and he or she will have both my vote AND my prayers as the leader of this country.

God can use anyone at any time for any purpose—period.