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4 Poisons That Will Ruin Your Team — And The Antidotes That Work

Coach for improvement

Redemption should always be the first goal, but unlike coaching someone to improve a skill, you don’t have much time when coaching an attitude. Attitude is a choice. They will either choose to make a change or not. Nonetheless, coach for improvement first by encouraging them, letting them know you care and you want them on the team. Maybe something is troubling them personally; ask. Give them a week or two to demonstrate the change.

Make the tough call

If the person makes the attitude adjustment, great! Let them know they are doing great and press on! If they don’t turn the corner quickly, have one more meeting. Ask if they understood the expectation and ramifications for no change. Give grace with another short amount of time. If no change is made, they made their choice, and you must be prepared to make the tough call.

Let’s be candid, it’s challenging enough to coach skills, develop leadership and achieve the desired goals with good attitudes! So don’t let poison ruin your teamwork and diminish your results. Set the bar high and enjoy both the relationships and the results!