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5 Pastoral Considerations When You’re Planning for the Future

4. Be Willing to Do Anything, Any Time, Anywhere, in God’s Time

Be willing to do whatever God wants you to do in your life in His timing, wherever it may be. It is better to live in the will of God than to live out of the will of God, even though you may have the opportunity to do something you have always aspired to.

Relating to God’s timing: It is never rushed. It does not create unrest or appear to be forced. It is right. It fits. People see it. It is God’s timing.

5. Live in Joyful Contentedness

It is rare to see a pastor who is operating his life and ministry in joyful contentedness. He is comfortable with His calling and tries to operate accordingly. His countenance conveys joy and his spirit demonstrates contentedness.

One of the most challenging things in ministry is balancing what others think you should do and where you should do it while you operate where you are with joyful contentedness. Their words may challenge you to wrestle through where you are, but they should never motivate you to seek something that may not be the will of the Lord for your life.

Therefore, as you navigate through your future, do it in a way that is more than pleasing to God. Aspire to live with joyful contentedness.