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My Current Convictions Concerning Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

My stomach has been in knots the last few months. I’ve been nervous for our nation—a nation I love. I’ve been bombarded with blogs, tweets and the opinions of others about national politics.  The culture of politics—and our nation—these days is so tense, so bitter, so divisive.

Chances are you’ve been nervous too—or certainly you’ve been distracted by the news of the day. Whether you watch the debates, read the blogs, or follow Fox News or CNN, this is certainly a year where everyone seems to be involved, at some level, in the election process.

And, so my life is much like yours. Consumed. Concerned. Captivated. How many times will we hear or say between now and November—“I can’t wait until this election is over”?

The more I studied the process and the candidates the more frustrated I became. Frustrated with their stands on issues which matter to me most. Frustrated with how they respond to one another. Frustrated with what seems to be a climate in our nation more toward bickering and bantering against others than pulling together for the good of a nation.

One of the most frequent questions I receive these days is not about some obscure biblical passage, but for whom I’m going to vote for president.

And, honestly, I don’t know. Never in my life have I been more confused—and I’ve voted in every election since I was eligible to vote.

It’s been an interesting wrestling match. I know I still need to vote. Frankly, I choose to vote as my right and I’m thankful for it—and for those who have paid the ultimate price for my freedom to do so—and I will vote as responsibly as I know how. But, honestly I’m not sure what even that choice will be at this point. (Russell Moore has an interesting perspective in THIS POST.)

But, it was in the state of confusion the other day—actually during a time of intentional prayer, it occurred to me—

I was spending more time being disappointed in our election choices than I was praying for the kings of our nations.


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