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12 Characteristics of a Spiritual Entrepreneur

2. Believe God can

We serve a God who created amazing things out of nothing. Why do we think he won’t do the same for his church?

Spiritual entrepreneurs believe he will. And they see him do it.

They would agree with Henry Ford, who said, “Whether you believe you can or whether you believe you can’t, you’re right.”

Before you dismiss this as positive thinking nonsense, remember Jesus couldn’t perform many miracles in his hometown because of people’s lack of faith. Then, moments later, he walked on water and fed 5,000 because people in those communities had faith.

Spiritual entrepreneurs believe God can. And they see him do it.

3. See abundance, not scarcity

Spiritual entrepreneurs see abundance, not scarcity.

Give a dying church $10,000, and they’ll think they’re broke and need to conserve it.

Give $10,000 to a spiritual entrepreneur, and he’ll see it as seed money to start something big.

To a dying church, five leaders is defeat.

To a spiritual entrepreneur, it’s a start.

Same facts. Different mindset. Attitude is everything.

4. Think vision first, resources second

So what comes first? Vision, or resources?

Spiritual entrepreneurs are very comfortable with the reality that vision precedes resources.

Casting a big vision (a solid, on-mission vision) will often lead to significant resources down the road.

Waiting for big resources so you can have a vision is a recipe for death.

5. Invest in personal and team development

Spiritual entrepreneurs aren’t crazy spenders, but they see a key distinction between an expense and an investment.

They realize that going to conferences, networking with other leaders, buying books, and doing whatever it takes to make themselves and their team better is an investment.

Sure, there are limits, but smart spiritual entrepreneurs will often spend a minimum of 10 percent of all the money they receive making themselves and their team better.

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