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4 Secret Fears That Leaders Have That Kill Their Potential

Do you find that you’re too comfortable? When it’s time for change or a new direction, do you resist it in lieu of staying where everything is familiar? If so, this may be a fear for you. Success brings with it new expectations, new problems and new ambiguity. And, that’s not always appealing to everyone. When you’ve experienced success, you may find that you’re asking whether it was worth it. Your event grew by 50 percent this year, so next year you need to make it grow another 50 percent, which will take more people, energy, budget, etc. Fear of success keeps you where it’s comfortable and prevents you from taking the organization forward.

You know, those fears in my leadership have caused me to make poor decisions, no decisions and late decisions. When I am fearful, I make horrible decisions—because fear blinds me rather than opening my eyes to all of the possibilities. When I am fearful, I make no decisions—because fear causes me to wait rather than act. And, when I am fearful I make decisions that are far too late to be effective—because fear causes me to hesitate rather than take a step forward.

So, which of these fears do you immediately connect with? We all have them. And I’ve found that talking about them and saying them out loud will actually help us overcome them more easily. I believe there’s more for you … and I don’t want fear to be the thing holding you back. Head on over to my Facebook page and let me know what you think!  

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I am an introverted leader, writer, and speaker and I help other introverted leaders, who are often misunderstood and mis-labeled, embrace their God-given identity so that they can lead courageously and overcome the limitations that others put on them. It is my mission to help introverts maximize their leadership potential.