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The Tension Between Being Available and Being Accessible as a Leader

The larger the church gets, or the more leadership responsibility God calls me to, the greater the tension I feel between being available and being accessible.

Leader, have you ever felt this tension?

And, I’ve learned that to be effective, to protect my family and to avoid burnout I can’t always do both.

Truth be told, there are too many demands on my time to always be available. Sometimes there are more requests for my time than hours in the day. Sunday is always coming. I receive dozens—some days, hundreds—of emails, texts and phone calls, every single day.

I can’t always be available.

• I must make the most effective use of my limited time.

• I may not be the best person to meet with everyone.

• I must spend time investing in the staff with whom I work.

• I need to reserve ample time for Bible study, prayer and sermon preparation.

• I may sometimes need to refer people to someone who is more available at the time.

Some weeks, just being honest, sadly, I end up saying “No” more than I get to say “Yes.”

If time were limitless—I’d rather always be available. As with most leaders, it’s easier for me to say yes than it is to say no. I’m always more popular when I do.

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