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Should Pastors Preach on Pop Culture (Movies, Music or TV)?

People are already seeing movies, talking about them and sharing them. As pastors, we have a great opportunity to take what people are already talking about and point them back to the Bible. Oftentimes, the same moral dilemmas and conflicts your congregation sees in movies have already been addressed by the Word of God.

A question I get a lot from pastors is, “Justin, if I am going to do a more outreach-driven series dealing with pop culture, when should I do it?”

One of the things we know is that churches decline in attendance during the summer. There aren’t as many volunteers and giving goes down as well. People are busy because kids are out of school, they are moving to a new neighborhood, or even a new city.

Last summer, we saw hundreds of churches use a series we created called God on Film. It’s a series grounded in scripture and it uses themes from current summer blockbusters to illustrate what’s already in the Bible.

Many church leaders emailed me saying their church and ministry experienced growth last summer because this series attracted so many new people. I was so excited to hear this that I told our team at Ministry Pass to update the series for this summer. Even more exciting, I want to give it to you for FREE!

We put together 500 God on Film series kits and will ship them anywhere in the world. We just ask you to pay for the shipping.

Imagine 500 churches growing this summer instead of declining… Wouldn’t that be incredible?

I can’t wait to see how God uses your church to reach new people in your community right where they are. Our team worked incredibly hard to put together something that would be super helpful to your church. We want to see you reach more people this summer with the Gospel.

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