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5 Kinds of Passion That Can Make or Break Your Leadership

5 Kinds of Passion That Can Make or Break Your Leadership

Where’s your passion level these days?

If there’s one common characteristic of growing churches and their leaders these days, it’s passion.

Passionate leadership is so much more contagious than passionless leadership. And passion is a key characteristic of leaders who are making a big impact with millennials.

As I shared here, if you’re trying to reach the next generation and you had to choose between passionate leadership and money to improve your building, passion is the better choice by far. People respond to passion far more than they respond to a great building or cool environments.

When it comes to reaching the next generation, passion beats polish, because passion reveals the heart behind the ministry. Polish doesn’t always do this.

Of course, being passionate is one thing, but not every form of passion will resonate with your audience or with God. Not all kinds of passion are created equal.

The biggest differentiator between a passion that resonates and can be sustained over a long period of time, and the kind of passion that doesn’t resonate, is the motive behind the passion.

Motive answers two questions:

Why are you passionate?

What are you actually passionate about?

Here are five kinds of passion that can make or break your leadership. Three of them will eventually break you (or at least stunt your potential and that of your organization). Two will make you.

The difference? The purer the motivation behind your passion, the better your passion will resonate with people and the better you’ll lead.