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5 Signs Your World Is Spinning Out of Control

But seasons can become patterns and patterns can become your default.

If you feel like you’re too busy to slow down, you’re simply too busy.

2. Your activity is increasing while your productivity is decreasing

One sure sign of a leader whose world is spinning out of control is this: a ton of activity and very little productivity.

Some leaders work massive amounts of hours but produce less than other leaders who don’t put in as many hours and still manage to do more.

Activity does not equal productivity. One sure sign your world is spinning out of control is that there is an inverse relationship between hours worked and things accomplished.

Too often you end up staring at a blank screen when you just should have gone home. Or gone to bed. Or played with your kids. Or gone for a run.

Ironically, one of the best ways to cure a lack of productivity is to work less, not more. At least for a season.

Try it.

3. The lines between work and leisure are blurred

I love the age we live in. But being connected everywhere and all the time comes with its own set of challenges.

Work used to be something you went to and came home from. Now, thanks to smartphones, work is something you carry in your pocket.

When your world is spinning out of control, the lines between work and leisure are blurred. You’re never off at home, but you’re so out of control that when you’re at work, you’re not really on.

You’re tired. Maybe you run errands during the day and work at night. And as a result, you feel like you never get any rest.

Change that. Set up some boundaries.

Work when you work. Play when you play. Rest when you rest.

And when you’re not working, turn the notifications off on all your devices.

4. You underreact or overreact to almost everything

One sure sign you’ve crossed a line and your world is spinning out of control is that your reactions to things around you and within you are disproportionate.

When your world is spinning out of control, you’re either numb to everything or you overreact to everything.

Your emotions should be proportional to what’s happening around you. You should be happy when you’re supposed to be happy. And you should be sad when you’re supposed to be sad.

It’s amazing how rare that is to find in busy people.

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