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10 Reasons Not to Pray for Donald Trump—and One “HUGE” One For

10 Reasons Not to Pray for Donald Trump–and One “HUGE” One For

All right. It’s Wednesday, the day after.

If you stayed up for the election returns last night, you’re experiencing something like a hangover today.

Donald Trump has been named President-elect of this country.

Like it or not, he won.  And half the country does not like it, let us admit.

A statement that we could just as easily make if Hillary Clinton had been elected instead. Half the country either way. The very definition of divided.

I want to say a word to my friends who are trying to get their minds around this development which all the polls and most of the media said would not happen. 

Next January, Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, will move into the White House and he into the Oval Office. Everything inside you weeps at the thought.

When friends (like me) urge you to pray for Mr. Trump as we are commanded, something inside you rebels at the thought.

Here are some reasons that may explain why some among us do not wish to pray for the man…

1. You don’t like Mr. Trump.

2. You didn’t vote for him.

3. You dislike some of his staunchest supporters. They can surely be obnoxious.

4. To you, he represents the worst in human nature and will lead this country poorly.

5. You feel he doesn’t have the wisdom, maturity, self-control and judgement to lead the free world.  You’re probably right. (I’m not sure anyone does.)

6. As for praying, you don’t feel your prayers would make a difference. The man is who he is.

7. You often feel your prayers are weak. What good would they do?

8. Somehow, you feel that group prayer would be more effective than soloing. Something about praying with others makes our prayers seem bigger, greater.

9. You’ve prayed for leaders in the past and can’t see what that accomplished.

10. To pray for Trump now would feel like admitting you were wrong in your judgement about the man, like you are throwing in the towel.

Any of that hit home? You’re human, like the rest of us, so I expect so.