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6 Lessons Leonard Ravenhill Taught Me

Great Worship Trumps Great Music

I really enjoyed hearing Leonard pray and teach, but he was less than awesome at singing. Keith Green sometimes led worship from his piano, but mostly it was Ravenhill who led us a cappella—at least when I was present. Ravenhill’s favorite song was “Holy, Holy, Holy,” which he led at  every single meeting. I loved it more each time we sang it.

Entertainment is the devil’s substitute for joy. ~LR

Anger Is Not Always a Sin

Most of Ravenhill’s books and sermons are prophetic in tone, as are the quotes you usually see on social media. I suspect he was not so much angry with the culture as he was the church. He was a Wesleyan with holiness roots, who never stopped praying for the church to experience the next Great Awakening.

There is a righteous anger that leads to more righteousness, as well as an unrighteous anger which can lead to sin (Ephesians 4:26). Ravenhill was both good and angry, which ultimately meant that he cared about the things God cared about.

One can have instant purity, but not instant maturity. ~LR

Prayer Is More Caught Than Taught

My Fridays with Ravenhill ended when I went off to college five hours away. Our last visit was in the Tyler hospital after a stroke which left him temporarily speechless. After we prayed together one last time, his nod and smile were a sufficient graduation diploma from what I consider to be my school of prayer.

No man is greater than his prayer life. ~LR

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