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10 Things That Demonstrate the World You Grew Up in No Longer Exists

Honestly, this has got most church leaders still scrambling. Many church leaders are trying to figure out how to help people grow when they don’t go.

Innovators will have to figure out how to make sure that a step away from church attendance isn’t a step away from Christ, which, despite people’s best intentions, seems to be the case more often than not.

Before you start to rail on the organized church and argue that ‘nobody needs church,’ read this.

4. A Band, Lights and Haze Are Traditional

You might have cashed in a lot of chips to redo your church’s approach to music over the last decade or two. And that’s wonderful.

But increasingly, having a band and even lights and haze is pretty normal in many churches.

In fact, as Tony Morgan first noted a number of years ago, the way we do worship music in the ‘contemporary’ church is not that contemporary. In fact, the band, guitar, keyboard and lights is the new traditional ‘rock’ worship.

The culture has moved on to other music; hip hop, R&B, DJ, pop and so much more.

Many ‘contemporary’ churches sound like they’re programmed for 50-year-olds.

Culture sounds less like Coldplay or U2 and more like Bruno Mars, Drake or Chainsmokers.

I’m not saying we should mimic everything. I’m just saying don’t think you’re current when you’re not.

If you find this irritating, trust me, it is. It’s just that self-awareness is the key to so much. So be aware.

5. The Show No Longer Captivates

If you’re over 30, you remember the church of your childhood was probably trying to be ‘contemporary,’ they just weren’t very good at it.

Church often provided a fairly low level of excellence in terms of singing, production and sometimes, speaking.

That has changed massively.

With the connection that’s happened online, many preachers and musicians have become so much better at their craft. Production levels have soared at local churches.

And it’s not enough.

I mean it’s good that we’re doing things well. But reaching people is about more than just doing what you do with excellence.

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