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7 Reasons Jesus Might Be Fired From Church


Jesus didn’t set a clock on his preaching. Sometimes he preached too long. People even missed lunch (Luke 9:11-12).

I’m a fan of shorter sermons, but I wonder how many pastors have received a bad mark on a performance review for preaching too long.


Jesus didn’t always follow tradition. He broke church traditions that weren’t biblical commands. It’s one of the reasons the religious leaders wanted to crucify him (Mark 3:1-6).

If there’s one thing that most churches don’t like change, it’s change. Some will choose their traditions over their pastors. How many pastors have gotten in hot water over a change in the music or even the carpet?


At first, Jesus grew his ministry. But later on, he preached a difficult message, and a lot of people left (John 6:66-67). That would not have looked good on an attendance report.

But many pastors live and die by their numbers. If the numbers are up, they breathe a sigh of relief. If numbers are down, they start updating their resume.


OK, maybe a church wouldn’t fire Jesus for this one. But a lot of churches have marriage as a qualification for the job. Just look through postings on church job boards and see for yourself.

By these standards both Jesus and Paul are not qualified enough. It’s not easy for my single pastor friends, especially as they grow older.


Churches need to be careful when pushing pastors out the door. Unless there is a clear, fireable offense, slow your roll. Don’t make rash decisions. Firing a pastor is painful. It’s like a divorce. It hurts everyone involved. It hurts you, the pastor fired from church, their family and the many people in your church who love them.

Before getting a divorce, wouldn’t you do everything you can to make the relationship work? Talk about your problems? Get counseling? See if you can make it work? Allow time for the relationship to heal?

Why not go to the same measures to fix a relationship with a pastor?

Yes, the church is like a business in some ways, but pastors are more than just employees. Sadly, many corporations often have better policies than churches to protect employees from getting fired without multiple warnings and steps toward reconciliation.

Am I wrong, or are some too quick to be fired from church?