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6 Ways to Know If You’ve Been Called By God

More Ways of Being Called By God

4. Witness

“…and as a witness…” 

God has also called you to be a witness.

A witness is one who testifies. We are called to testify to what we know of Jesus. We know, for example, that Jesus has given us the gift of eternal life. We know that he desires to give that same gift to everyone else. We testify to what we know.

Have we taken on the role of a witness? Are we bothered by the fact that so many in the world are struggling to find hope? Are we looking for ways to boldly give an account of what God is doing in our lives?

Where has he called you to be a witness?

5. Observation   

“…a witness of what you have seen of me…”

The principle of observation states that You can only witness to what you have seen of Jesus.

Some of us hide behind the excuse that “my faith is a personal thing,” when in fact, we haven’t seen enough of him to make an impact on us.

Growing up, I was anything but bold about my faith. I had kind of borrowed a relationship with Christ from my parents. So I didn’t have much boldness. I mostly fumbled with words when it came my time to share who Jesus was to me.

To be like him or to share him with others, we must first see him.

What have you seen of Jesus?

6. There’s More 

“a witness…of what I will show you” 

Your witness changes as Jesus progressively reveals himself.

Our testimony is like bread—it must be kept fresh. If allowed to grow old, its staleness becomes evident. Our walk with Jesus is a daily, ongoing thing.

Our testimony or witness of his power in our life should be continually updated as he continues to regenerate us and show new aspects of his character. He has promised to show more of himself as we walk with him.

The point here is that we must continually choose to walk in the right way and to grow in Christ, and as we do so, we have a fresh witness. We share with others our own ongoing experience.

People need to hear an immediacy and relevance in our witness. They know what day-old bread looks like. They don’t want crusty stuff, they want reality.

As you live your life, are you experiencing more of Jesus?


To sum up, we are all called. What Jesus gave Paul he gives to us all. None of us are second-class believers. He calls us to share what he’s given with a needy world. You have a call. Why not step into it?

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