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5 Good Reasons a Church Should Close

3. Its Members Hate the World

Many Christians struggle with the world. I get that.

Morals are shifting, culture is changing and we are quickly moving into a post-Christian world. It’s easy not to like what you see.

It’s led a lot of Christians in this generation, though, to behave as though they hate the world.

The history of the Gospel is that God’s not a fan of what he sees, not just in the world, but in our hearts.

So what does he do? He loves us.

One of the most quoted Bible verses of all time says that God so loved the world. If God so loves the world, Christians really don’t have permission to hate it.

You can get frustrated with it. You don’t have to agree with everything. But you shouldn’t hate it.

To make things even more challenging for us personally, remember this: It’s really hard for someone to believe you love them if it’s clear you don’t like them.

When a church behaves like it hates the world, it should never be shocked that the world doesn’t flock to embrace it.

4. Preserving the Past Is More Attractive Than Embracing the Future

When things aren’t going well, it’s easy to think the past is more attractive than the future.

Visit a lot of churches and you’ll discover they’re looking backward, not forward.

When your fondness for what you used to do is greater than your passion for what you’re going to do, you’re in trouble.

Bottom line? When all of your excitement is about the past, you haven’t got much of a future.

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