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3 Things Your Congregants Should Know about a Christian Work Ethic

3. Christians Work to Be a Blessing

Christians who have truly grabbed hold of living in security, not scarcity, and who are committed to working ethically, will find something remarkable: Without even trying, they have become a blessing to their coworkers. Rather than seeing the person in the next cubicle as a competitor, they become a person Christ died to save. Rather than being buried in stress a follower of Jesus carries a lightness and joy into their work that astonishes others.

A prayer I pray every evening before work is this: God, make me a blessing to my customers, to my coworkers, and to this restaurant. Also, you know how much money my family needs, so provide me with whatever you know I need tonight. Somedays I forget this prayer very quickly, get stressed and angry, and say and do things I regret. Other days I remember and am free to laugh and joke and have the most amazing conversations. I’ve prayed for coworkers, told them about Jesus, invited them to church, or just generally encouraged them and told them how I think God sees them. What I’ve found is this naturally flows out me when I am living out of a secure heart from a Christian work ethic.

The Fruit of a “10,000 Minutes” Mindset

What would happen if everyone at your church started living out this 10,000 minutes way of thinking? Imagine how blessed God would be. Imagine how much further the scope of your church would reach! Sometimes our “inside the church” needs become so pressing we constantly point people toward more church involvement, but maybe the most effective model for church growth would be for us to teach our people what to do with their time at work.

I mentioned in a previous article my coworkers gave me the name “El Pastor.” I have taken that title seriously and told people that I’m currently the pastor of my restaurant. Imagine if every professional became the pastor of their workplace by applying these three steps.

It could be the most exciting season of life-change your church has ever seen.

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