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‘Anglicostal’: How Pentecostal Faith Prepared Me for the Anglican Church

Second, the sacraments.

The sacraments gave me an opportunity to receive God’s presence in a way that did not depend on my striving or spiritual ambition. The grace of the Eucharist has an objectivity that gives rest to my weary, sinful soul. Christ did this for me, not I for him.

Third, the submission.

I began to see that I alone (or I and my little group) am not the whole church. I have responsibilities to generations of Christians past, with whom I join together in the company of the saints. The priests and bishops are part of a global network. They are not infallible and change does happen. But Anglicanism at its best fosters a biblical submission leading to the ultimate Christian posture: “Yes, Lord.”

Fourth, the holistic view of mission.

Anglicans understand that bodies and spirits are one, that Christians are formed in Christian communities, that souls are etched out over a lifetime—and that Christ’s redemptive work touches all of these things.

On the other hand, I don’t reject my Pentecostal roots. (Full disclosure: I still speak in tongues occasionally. (Fuller disclosure: I still feel uncertainties about it.))

In fact, there are many Anglicans I’d love to inject with a healthy dose of charismatic passion for the Lord. I’ve led many prayer gatherings in Anglican churches, and I believe that a healthy training and confidence in intercessory prayer would be powerful for our congregations. Our imaginations and love for the right words does not need to stop when we close the Prayer Book.


Can we merge them together? Can someone be an Anglican Pentecostal?

I know there are charismatic Anglican churches out there, using both elements in the service. Personally, I think it would be a distraction from the typical Anglican flow. Anglicanism does not need to be everything for me. I have chosen to make my home in the spiritual rhythms, so that from there I can strive for God’s presence and kingdom more healthfully, more sustainably. I submit to the collects and responses so that extemporaneous prayers can be better formed in my spirit.

If you, like me, have been renewed in charismatic churches, I invite you to experience the liturgical traditions, such as the Anglican church. Try being open to being an Anglican Pentecostal. Perhaps you will feel at home in the Anglican church as I have. Perhaps another tradition may appeal to you more. The question is: What flavors of the gospel have you missed out on? Where have you been in danger of slipping off the rails, and need guidance?

Don’t ask how you could make this the perfect church by combining elements of all your favorite churches. Simply receive the grace of Jesus Christ and be transformed. Kneel. Make the sign of the cross. Receive the pastor’s blessing.

You may find yourself unusually at home.

This article about being an Anglican Pentecostal originally appeared here.