You Failed Me

For the record, I will fail others again. I will fail you. As God so clearly reminded me, it’s a human thing.

That doesn’t excuse my failure. That doesn’t mean I don’t need to grow. Of course, I do, and by God’s grace and in His power, I will continue to mature.

But you know how we grow?

We fail.

We confess our sins and inadequacies and weaknesses…

Then we walk in forgiveness.

And we learn and grow.

It’s a human thing.

It’s a God thing.

It’s our ever-present reality on this side of eternity.

And it’s OK.

You’re OK.

God will find you in your wilderness because He’s not done with you yet.

Brothers and sisters, I am not all that I want or hope to be. Not yet.

But this much I have figured out:

I must let go of my past failures and press on toward all that God has for me.

I must choose to forget what is behind (because I can’t undo the past and I am forgiven)

and then strain toward what is ahead as I press on to the finish line.

Philippians 3:13-14 (Bubna Paraphrase)

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Kurt Bubna is the founding and senior pastor of Eastpoint Church in Spokane Valley, WA. Bubna published his first book, Epic Grace ~ Chronicles of a Recovering Idiot, with Tyndale Momentum in 2013. He is an author of five other books, an active blogger, itinerate speaker, and a regular radio personality. He and his wife, Laura, have been married for over forty years and have four grown children and eight grandchildren.