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Hey Pastor, Here Are 7 Things Your Church Won’t Tell You


There’s a church within your church. Your “staff church” is the church everyone is looking for. They won’t tell you that because they don’t know about it. But I’ve spoken at church staff meetings and felt it immediately. It’s like Cheers of church world. Everybody knows everybody. They know what’s going on in each other’s lives. If someone’s not there, their absence is explained by someone who is there.

There’s worship and a devotional, the short personal kind you love hearing and sometimes wish could happen on Sunday. It’s from the pastor’s heart. There’s no preaching at anyone because everyone there is loved and accepted.

How can you create these kinds of churches within the church?


Maybe the biggest thing your church is not telling you is that they don’t trust God. Not really.

To trust God, you have to believe in Him, but believing and trusting are different.

Few of your people have been through the crucible and seen His hand. Many are cultural Christians, they come because Mama said to. They believe because it’s convenient and more socially acceptable than to not. But moving God from a category to a personal acquaintance is another thing. And moving Him from acquaintance to trusted friend is quite another.

If anyone in your church should trust God, it’s you. You’ve had the training, you’ve been called. But when things get tough, what do you do?

Accept this challenge to trust God with your church. Spend more time listening to Him than talking to Him. Obey His voice. Stories will come from your walk that will inspire your church to trust Him…and follow you as you lead.


My challenge for you is to pray about these seven things. Don’t talk to God about them—listen to God about them. Take one each day for seven days and ask God to speak to you. Ask Him what He’d have you know and what He’d have you do with what He shows you.

Then act. Immediately.

In the Bible, God gave each of His servants the faith to act on His instructions, but it was in the moment. When the servant paused, questioned or doubted, the faith disappeared.

Seek Him. Seek His guidance. Do what He says. Trust Him for the outcome.