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A Guide to Effective Preaching – Introduction. Explanation. Application.

Your first thought is that the central idea in that verse is “become like the people you’re trying to reach.” But we talk, and you finally settle on the idea of “removing every barrier” that stands in the way of your friends hearing and responding to the gospel.

Now, turn that phrase into an action statement that starts with a verb. This is what you want them to DO when they are done listening to you.

You finally pick, “Be willing to get uncomfortable so you can earn the right to talk to your friends about Jesus.”

OK, since that’s what you want people to DO when they leave, that will become the bull’s-eye that your entire sermon is aiming for.

Take that phrase and put it at the bottom of your document. Then you go back up to the top now and tentatively title your sermon. Let’s call it “Trading Places,” which admittedly is lame, but you just need a placeholder until you can go back after it’s written, generate 10 options, and pick the best one.

At this point in our sermon, our document will look like this:


Engaging Evangelism Series Name
Message #4 “Trading Places”
CCV, 02-11-18
Brian Jones

Good morning, my name is Brian Jones, and I’m the Senior Pastor here at CCV.

I’d like to welcome all of our guests here today!

And I’d like to say hello to everyone watching this online.
…we know most people will check us out online before they ever visit
…so, we look forward to seeing you soon…

I want to start today by…

INTRODUCTION (10 minutes)

EXPLANATION (10 minutes)

APPLICATION (10 minutes)