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What Is the Mission of the Church?

1. Jesus gives us the why.

Why should we do this mission?

Jesus reminds us of his authority. Being God, he has all authority in heaven and on earth. It is a reminder that what he is about to say is more than a suggestion, it a commandment from God, himself.

There are other reasons to carry out Christ’s mission, such as our love for others, but our primary reason is simply that God has commanded us to do it. If there were no other reasons, this should be reason enough.

2. Jesus gives us the when.

When should we begin this mission?

Jesus commands the disciples, “Go.” In other words, he is initiating the mission, sending us to accomplish a task. There is a sense of immediacy in this command.

We are to begin immediately.

3. Jesus gives us the what.

What are we sent to do?

Jesus tells us the specific task that he is sending us to do: “Make disciples.” This is our mission. We are sent to make disciples of Jesus. But Jesus, in his infinite wisdom, knows that making disciples is too vague of a mission.

We need more guidelines. So Jesus continues to define what he means by making disciples.

4. Jesus gives us the where.

Where are we sent?

He tells us to make disciples in “all nations.” So our mission is not limited geographically, or ethnically. The disciples may have been inclined only to reach Jews in Israel, but the mission is broader than that.

Our mission is to make disciples all around the world among all people from every tribe, tongue and nation (Rev 7:9).

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