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Take Your Bible, Not Politics, Into the Pulpit

The Bible is clear that within the roles of government and leadership are people who will either fill those roles responsibly or irresponsibly. For example, in Ecclesiastes 4:1-3, Solomon teaches us that those in roles of power and leadership can use their position to bless or oppress others. Those who are in positions of power and leadership really do matter.

Think about it: God greatly used the leadership of Joseph (Genesis 41:39-42) to bless others rather than oppress them. God greatly used the leadership of Esther (Esther 8) to bless others rather than oppress them. God greatly used the leadership of Daniel (Daniel 6) to bless others rather than oppress them. Leadership truly matters, and having great leaders in places of authority and power is critically important.

While you should consider the pros and cons of publicly endorsing a particular candidate, preaching and teaching about the importance of leadership and being engaged in the opportunity of seeing people put in leadership who will bless rather than oppress is an awesome opportunity and responsibility. Pastors do not need to cower in the face of elections. Religious liberty, the value of human life, the sanctity of marriage and so much more are directly impacted by those who become leaders on every level government affords. Much is at stake, and every pastor must be courageous and clear, even when it comes to those issues our people might deem political.

So am I going to preach politics from the pulpit? No, but I am going to bring my Bible. Yes, it will be controversial. Yes, some will perceive it to be too political. But preaching the Word of God is what we are called to do. And what God says about every issue and every quality of leadership is what we really need.

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Dr. Brad Jurkovich is the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in Bossier City, LA. This multi-generational church is reaching families throughout Northwest Louisiana, America and the world. He and his wife Stephanie have 4 children, Cassidy, Carter, Caroline and Catherine. He received his BA in biblical studies from Southeastern Baptist Theological College, his Master of Divinity from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and his Doctor of Ministry degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.