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How Should the Church Handle a Pastor’s ‘Falling’?

“How will a group of forgiven sinners handle a fellow sinner who needs forgiveness? Is the Christian community a safe or scary place to bottom out?” Tchividjian and Bird ask a compelling question in their post. Is it possible to fail in the Church and remain a part of the Church?

In other words, if we’re in leadership, do we fall with no hope of ever getting back up?

It almost feels as if there are greater consequences for those in leadership who fall than lay people who are not leading others. Tchividjian and Bird take this thought to its natural conclusion: “if there’s no mercy afforded to leaders by their fellow sinners, then there won’t be any for you either—at least not here and now.”

There has to be forgiveness for leaders, perhaps especially for leaders. This is not to say they are reinstated to their positions of leadership (and, again, we’re not talking about abusive leaders or those who have committed criminal acts), that is the subject of another article entirely. But the reality is we in the Church never claimed to be able to behave perfectly. We only claim to tell the truth. And the truth is, we all fail and fall short of the glory of God. This is precisely why we need a Savior.

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