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This Pastor Died by Suicide. But First He Preached These Sermons on Depression

Life is complicated, friends. I know you know this. But perhaps you sometimes forget this fact: You are helping people navigate the most complicated thing in the world—life.

Tradition obliges me to say something here along the lines of “stay the course. Stay strong. Don’t forget the hope we have in Christ Jesus.” All good, true things to say, for sure. But here’s something else I would like to say to you: It’s ok to admit you’re not strong; that you’re so far in over your head in discouragement and disappointment that you can’t even see the hope of Christ.

Perhaps Stoecklein needed to come back from that four-month sabbatical and say to his church and his family, “I’m still not ready. In fact, I may need to do something else indefinitely.” Honestly, I don’t know. I imagine he’s working those things out with Jesus right now. I say this in all humility, not presuming to have the answers.

As one “hot mess” to another, may God bless you and keep you as you journey through this complicated and beautiful thing we call life.

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You can listen to Stoecklein’s first sermon in its entirety here:

Listen to Stoecklein’s second sermon in its entirety here: