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5 Great Ways to Continually Develop as a Preacher

4. Read More Scripture and Theology.

In order to continually develop as a preacher, we must continually develop our ability to think well. We must be in the word. We must constantly go to the feet of Jesus and listen to Him.

If we want to have better content, we have to cultivate our hearts and minds with the word of God.

As far as theology books, I typically opt for reading authors who are already in glory with the Lord, but one of my favorite books in the last year or so was The King Jesus Gospel by Scot McKnight. So good!

Read widely. Read systematic theology and biblical theology. Then read books on specific theological topics. Read apologetics and books on public theology. Read authors you’re not familiar with and ones you are. And read authors you disagree with and ones you agree with.

5. Get a Preaching Coach.

Everyone could use a preaching coach. Because a preaching coach can show us things we weren’t thinking of. A coach can point out things we weren’t noticing. A preaching coach can put us through a process that will develop us.

A coach could be a retired pastor who attends your church.

They could be a seminary professor teaching a preaching course you’re enrolled in.

They could be a pastor who wrote a book on preaching that you’re reading.

Or they could be a pastor (or a couple of pastors) who put together an online preaching course (much cheaper than seminary, just FYI).

As we saw in Preaching Talent Is Overrated? deliberate practice is the best way to develop your preaching skills. And when that deliberate practice is designed well, it will take you much further in your development than you would have been able to go without it.

Next week, enrollment to Sticky Sermons Academy is re-opening and we couldn’t be more excited.

In the academy, you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop an efficient and effective sermon prep process that is unique to your context and your wiring
  • Take your preaching calendar to the next level
  • Building a sticky sermon week in and week out
  • Hook your congregation with the power of storytelling and how to tell stories well
  • Deliver your sermons in an engaging, compelling and powerful way
  • Preach the gospel in every message
  • Build your own sermon research and preaching teams
  • Give your sermon life past Sunday by leveraging technology

We really believe this is one of the most complete solutions out there. We’ll give you all the details about the academy next Tuesday when enrollment opens.

And just so you know…*Whispering* there will be a $50 discount for the first 24 hours of enrollment so don’t miss out on that.

But no matter if you enroll in Sticky Sermons Academy or not, be sure to get a preaching coach. It doesn’t have to be us. Just make sure you get one.

Want to develop as a preacher? These five things, if you engage in each of them, will help tremendously.

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