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10 Things to Pray for Your Pastor…and One Big Thing to Do Next

The Lord Jesus said of Himself, “I am gentle and lowly in heart” (Matthew 11:29). People noticed how He was “moved with compassion” (Matthew 9:36). We should pray that we will be like Him, and of course that our pastors will also.

10. That God will give the pastor a corps of great advisors and several key mentors.

Every pastor needs reliable and trustworthy advisors as well as a few veteran mentors whom he can call on. Pray God will provide these.

And now, when you’ve done all these things, do one more big thing…

Give thanks.

Thank the Father however He chooses to answer that.

Remember: You are not the judge, so do not be scrutinizing your minister to see if and how the Father is coming through for you!

What you see is your answer.

Keep praying.

Keep giving thanks.

(Notes: As always, I speak of pastors in the masculine. I’m in the Southern Baptist Convention where our pastors are male. But I have friends in other denomination with women pastors. So rather than encumber the writing of these pieces with ‘pronoun phrases’ (“him or her as the case may be” or vary the references to him and her, which is equally awkward), I appreciate readers making the slight adjustment as needed.

One more thing. I suggest you only rarely tell the pastor you pray for him daily. Perhaps in a birthday or Christmas card, once annually would suffice. People who are constantly reminding the pastor of their daily intercessions may leave the impression they are seeking something from him or are unsatisfied with him. Better to pray and leave it with the Father.

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