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5 Disruptive Church Trends That Will Rule 2019


Of all the mysteries we try to crack as leaders, the mystery of how to lead yourself well is one of the greatest. You will only lead others as well as you lead yourself.

And that’s a journey…it always is. It has been for me.

That’s why I’m so excited about being able to share my latest book, Didn’t See It Coming.

In Didn’t See It Coming, I outline seven issues almost every leader experiences and almost no one expects. They’re the issues that take leaders out or take us under. And even if your struggle with cynicism, pride, burnout or irrelevance doesn’t cause you to exit ministry or leadership, not dealing with those issues can still thwart your potential and kill your team culture. A lot of the book is my journey toward health. It’s a long journey…and an imperfect one. I don’t get everything right, but the difference personal and spiritual health makes is astonishing, in both life and leadership.

I wrote it to help you make progress, spiritually, personally and in leadership. Thousands of leaders are now using it not just for personal study, but for group discussion and team reading and implementation.

What are other leaders saying? Jud Wilhite, Lead Pastor of Central Church, Las Vegas, calls Didn’t See It Coming “the most important book you’ll read all year.” Both Brian Houston and Andy Stanley call it ‘powerful.’ Daniel Pink, NYT best-selling author of Drive and When, believes “the book is sure to help you.”

Check out Didn’t See It Coming for yourself and pick up your copy here.


Those are the disruptive church trends I see for 2019.

I love being in this together. We can accomplish more together than we can apart. I’ll be drilling down on these issues more here on this blog and on my Leadership Podcast.

Think of this as the start of a conversation, not the end of one.

In the meantime, what do you see as church trends for 2019?

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