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Critical Dynamics of Criticism

11. Consider Eternity.

This is the ultimate long-term vision. If you persevere in faithful, Gospel ministry by His grace, on the other side of the Jordan, our faithful Savior will be waiting for us say, “Well done good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of your Lord.”

He will wipe away every tear from your eye, every wrong will be made right, and every injustice will be judged, and all criticism will be passed. All evil will be walled out and all good will be walled in. There will be perfect unity, a perfect church. We will commune with unfallen angels in perfect worship with the saints of all ages in absolute perfection. There will be no denominations, no divisions. Luther and Calvin will see eye to eye. There will be no misgivings, no misunderstandings, no theological arguments, no ignorance. Our believing critics will embrace us and we will embrace them. We will all be one in Jesus Christ.

As Christ is in the Father and the Father in him, there will be perfect, visible, intimate, complete oneness. We will understand that all the criticism that we received her below was used by the hand of our Potter to prepare us for Immanuel’s land. We will say, “I needed every one of those critics, Lord.” We will see that all the criticisms we were called to bear on earth were but light affliction compared with the weight of glory that awaited us. And, we will more than repaid for every affliction we endured on earth for the sake of our faithful and perfect best friend, Jesus Christ.

It takes a great deal of wisdom to approach criticism with biblical maturity. It involves being able to recognize when pride is rising up in our hearts. It discerns between the mixture of truth and error in any given criticism. It keeps in mind the multitude of circumstantial factors involved with any criticism—from the inevitability of criticism to the believers’ vindication before God. While we may have an aversion to criticism, we should rather welcome it as a maturation tool in the hand of our God. May the Lord graciously give us the wisdom we need to receive criticism with maturity.

This article originally appeared here and is used by permission.