His Commands OR Their Demands?

I can’t get Galatians 1:10 out of my head…Paul writes something that every leader (and every follower of Christ) should aspire to be able to say…that he is not living to please men…but rather to please Christ.

We ALL say this…and yet it is SO easy to slip back into a people pleasing mode. After all, THEIR demands seem more real that HIS commands at times.

So how do we not just preach on Galatians 1:10…but REALLY live it?

I think the key is in Galatians 2:20 where Paul ALSO writes that he is crucified with Christ, that he no longer lives BUT it is actually Christ living in him…in other words, Paul claimed to be a dead man!

Paul was living for a higher purpose than the praise of men, he was aspiring to hear the applause of heaven. He wasn’t concerned with “them,” but he was obsessed with HIM!!!

We will never accomplish the Galatians 1:10 mindset until we have also embraced Galatians 2:20 on a personal level.  

by Perry Noble
Perry Noble is the founding and senior pastor of NewSpring Church in Anderson, Greenville and Florence, South Carolina. At just nine years old, the church averages over 10,000 people during weekend services and is launching another campus in Columbia, South Carolina. Perry is convicted about speaking the truth as plainly as possible. A prolific blogger, he’s also the author of Blueprints: How to Build Godly Relationships.
Used with permission from Perry Noble.
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