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Sunday Night Reflections…

A few thoughts about a GREAT day today…

  • Lucretia and I had an awesome time worshipping at Northstar Church today…I love getting to see Marty Martin every year and hear about all Jesus is doing down here. (They baptized around 50 people yesterday at a water park…that’s AWESOME!)
  • So proud of Brad and the job he did today bringing the Word!
  • And…I tried…I really did…but I just can’t get into “The World Cup!” I know it’s exciting and all…but give me college football on a Saturday afternoon ANY DAY and I’ll take it!
  • It’s been nice to be able to catch my breath for a few weeks…can’t WAIT to get back and preach next Sunday…Father’s Day is going to be awesome!!!
  • There is no oil so far in Panama City…and I’ve got my toes in the water and my…toes in the sand! 🙂
  • I turn 39 in a few weeks…wow…39…my last year in my 30’s! Don’t quite know what to think about that!
  • Every pastor/church leader needs a vacation, and going to a conference and/or attending a denominational meeting does not count!
  • Some of my BEST IDEAS come to me while I am on vacation!
  • I’ve been reading Jon Acuff’s book, “Stuff Christians Like.” WOW…seriously…one of the funniest books I’ve ever read. People are looking at me like I’m crazy while I’m sitting at the pool and laughing out loud…I literally cannot put it down! You should seriously get this book…Jon does an AMAZING job of shedding light on some of the crazy things we do!
  • The Wal-Mart in Panama City is hands down the most interesting place on the planet!! I cannot write about half of the things I saw and heard there–WOW!

That’s about it…going to completely enjoy this week with my girls. Can’t wait to see you next week NewSpring Church…it’s going to be the BEST FATHER’S DAY we’ve EVER HAD in the HISTORY of our church!