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Leadership Summit | Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley wrapped up day one of the 2010 Leadership Summit. Here are some of the highlights from his talk:


  • “Every organization has problems that shouldn’t be solved and tensions that shouldn’t be resolved.”
  • “If you resolve some tensions, it’ll lead to other tensions.”
  • “Progress doesn’t depend on the resolution of tensions but on the management of those tensions.”
  • “If it’s a problem that keeps resurfacing, it’s a tension to be managed.”
  • “The role of leadership is to leverage the tension for the benefit of the organization.”
  • “Often times the right person doesn’t win the argument, but someone wins the argument.”
  • “Certain tensions are the key to progress.”
  • for leaders… “Continually give value to both sides, and don’t weigh in too heavily with your personal biases.”
  • “Don’t allow strong personalities to win the day.”
  • “Don’t think in terms of balance – think in terms of rhythm.
  • “As a leader, never try to be fair.”