The Title Doesn't Fit Anymore

Over the past two years, I’ve grown somewhat uncomfortable with a particular way of describing myself.

I’m not saying it’s not true… so curb the affirmation please. But I’ve stopped using it as a mantlepiece.

It’s the word leader.


I swear, six out of every 10 books from my church planting days have this word in the title.

But as I find myself now ~a producer, a creative, an entrepreneur, a collaborator~ it doesn’t seem to fit anymore.

I’m serving people, assisting their visions, collaborating with creatives to produce great results… but there’s nothing hierarchal about what I’m doing.

At first, I thought I was drifting from my true identity… that I was somehow slipping from influence. But lately I’ve come to see the word “leader” as unique to Christian subculture.

Stroll down the business aisle at Borders. Flip through any issue of Fast Company. Check out the Twitter profiles of entrepreneurs. You don’t see this word used at all in the marketplace.

I think “lead” is something you can choose to do when circumstances call for it. But it’s not a job title or a status.

I think we should simply be doers. React the right way. Live courageously. Pursue great visions. Act with integrity. Serve others. Bring ideas to life. And let our status speak for itself.

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Ben Arment
Ben Arment helps people launch great things. He’s the founder of Dream Year, The Whiteboard Sessions, and STORY in Chicago, and he also wrote a book called Church in the Making. He and his wife Ainsley live in Virginia Beach and have three cowboys, Wyatt, Dylan & Cody.