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3 Lies We Use to Excuse Disobedience

First, read 1 John 2:17…now.

1. “Someday”

One of the biggest lies we can tell ourselves when God clearly speaks to our hearts is “someday!”

  • “Someday” is easy because we can say it and, in our hearts, know that we never actually are going to do what He’s called us to do.
  • “Someday I will get help in my marriage.”
  • “Someday I will plant a church.”
  • “Someday I will invite him/her to church.”
  • “Someday I will begin reading my Bible.”
  • “Someday I will get serious about my physical health.”

But “someday” usually ends badly for most of us because “someday” hardly ever turns into “done-day.”

What is it that He’s called you to do?  Life is way too short for us to get at the end of it and have regrets. Someday needs to be today!

2. “Someone”

1 John 2:17

Christians are “the best” people in the world at taking what God is calling them to do and trying to make it everyone else’s calling as well.

I’ve often told people, “Your burden will never become my passion. The reason God gave you the burden is because He wants you to do something about it.”

Your burden is your responsibility.

Stop expecting other people to do what He’s calling you to do. He didn’t call any of us to merely be informants and tell people what to do, but rather He called us to make an impact by carrying out what He has so clearly burdened our hearts with.

You are the “someone” who needs to step up and do what He’s put in your heart to do.

3. “Somewhat”

1 John 2:17

Often times, when I’ve asked people whether or not they are doing what God has called them to do, I get THIS answer – “somewhat!”

I’m learning this lesson in life right now and it’s a lesson that we all need to take to heart – PARTIAL OBEDIENCE IS COMPLETE DISOBEDIENCE!

We can’t halfway do what God is calling us to do and expect Him to be happy with a halfhearted effort.

If He’s called you to do something, then He will complete His work if we will be faithful to complete ours (Philippians 1:6).

Let’s not allow these three lies to hold us captive any longer.

James 4:14 – Let’s live for greater things than our glory which will pass away.