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Our Best of Edwards on His 307th Birthday

Jonathan Edwards has had a pervasive influence on John Piper. At Desiring God, the scent of that influence can be detected in almost all of our resources. But on his 307th birthday, we want to provide a list of the best Edwards-related resources by Pastor John found on our site.


God’s Passion for His Glory

A God Entranced Vision of All Things

The Supremacy of God in Preaching

The Works of Jonathan Edwards


A Mind in Love with God: The Private Life of a Modern Evangelical

Enjoying God and the Transformation of Culture: The Public Life of a Modern Evangelical

Is God Less Glorious Because He Ordained that Evil Be?: Jonathan Edwards on the Decrees of God

The Pastor as Theologian: Life and Ministry of Jonathan Edwards

Is the Glory of God at Stake in God’s Foreknowledge of Human Choices?: Jonathan Edwards’ Response to Greg Boyd

A God-Entranced Vision of All Things: Why We Need Jonathan Edwards 300 Years Later

Sweet Sorrow: The Happy Root of Holy Living, Reflections on Seeing and Savoring God with Jonathan Edwards

A Divine and Supernatural Light Immediately Imparted to the Soul by the Spirit of God

Sarah Edwards: Jonathan’s Home and Haven by Noel Piper

The Pastor As Scholar: A Personal Journey

Let Your Passion Be Single


Interview with John Piper on Jonathan Edwards


James D. Strauss’ Critique of Jonathan Edwards’ Freedom of the Will

Jonathan Edwards on the Problem of Faith and History

Love Seeking Understanding: A Meditation on the Trinity

To Nat Hatch: Reflections on Jonathan Edwards’ Sermon on 2 Peter 1:16

The Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards

Two Books on Revival—In One Day!

A Personal Encounter with Jonathan Edwards

Was Jonathan Edwards a Christian Hedonist?

Are There Two Wills in God?

The Glory of God as the Ground of Faith

Christian Hedonism: Forgive the Label, But Don’t Miss the Truth

Pastor John’s Special Invitation to the Jonathan Edwards Conference

Jonathan Edwards and Our Fall Missions Focus

Jonathan Edwards on the Pilgrim Mindset

A Vision of God for the Final Era of Frontier Missions

When Is It Dangerous to Look at Jesus?

I Have Other Sheep That Are Not of This Fold