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Catalyst 2010: Seth Godin

Seth Godin taught the afternoon session at Catalyst. Here are some of the key thoughts from his talk:


  • “Professional wrestling is fake.”
  • “Baked into our culture is the model that what you’re supposed to do is build an organization with interchangeable parts.”
  • “The factory wants you to fit in so they can ignore you.”
  • “If you are a competent youth group leader, I can find someone to do it cheaper.”
  • “The problem is that if someone is racing to the bottom, you don’t want to win that race.” …on someone else doing what you do a little cheaper than you do it.
  • “All that’s left is to make a difference.”
  • “The factory era was along for a very long time. It created institutions that demanded compliance.”
  • “Today, you win by being more connected.”
  • “You cannot comply yourself to success.”
  • “We have to be prepared to fail.”
  • “No one joins a boring tribe.”
  • “If you’re going to win, you’re going to create a movement. You can’t create a movement by demanding more compliance.”
  • “The iPhone is a terrible phone. We bought it because it’s jewelry that has a function.”
  • “Apple is not in the technology business — they’re in the movement business.”
  • “Boring doesn’t work. Bureaucratic doesn’t work.”
  • “If you’re going to be a genius, you can’t have a boss telling you what to do all day.”
  • “Art is a human act that changes someone, and it’s generous.”
  • “We need people who care as opposed to people who are phoning it in.”
  • “Maybe you should fire the person who isn’t making any mistakes.”
  • “The more change we can make, the more likely the tribe will join us.”
  • “Change is made by people who eagerly accept responsibility without expecting authority.”
  • “The resistance tries to keep us safe.”
  • “Do you know how many people want your seat?”
  • “You have a platform for your art. I’m hoping you won’t waste this revolution.”


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