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Creating Your BEST…By Using Your BEST

“Nothing is more important to my success than controlling my schedule.  I’m most creative from five to nine A.M.  If I had a boss or co-workers, they would ruin my best hours one way or another.” – Scott Adams, Dilbert Creator

What are your best, most productive/creative hours of the day?

Mine? 7am – 12pm. I protect those hours like the SS protects the President.  And I can do that without much problem because….well, I’m the boss.

BUT…..what about the rest of my team?

I think it’s safe to say that everyone on our team works and creates with quite a bit of autonomy.  BUT…I don’t think I’ve been nearly as intentional about empowering them in this as I could be.

So here are a couple of questions I’m chewing on right now:

How can I be more intentional about helping each of my team to figure out their BEST time of the day?

How can I generously provide them the autonomy they need to (like I’m able to do…) protect and use that time well?

I’ve got some ideas and I’m ready to experiment.  But what about you? Feel free to chew along with me.  Better yet, share a thought, comment, idea, best practice, whatever!